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School girl with a twist #OOTD

After wearing this outfit, taking photos in it and then looking at it for a title for this blog post. I  realized it gives me major school girl vibes but a modern day school girl. You have your blazer(H and M), the school girl image always has a blazer and a skirt but instead of the skirt mine in trendy with the biker or cycling shorts(Forever 21). To make it more trendy, I belted it with my Off-White belt. You can't forget the long socks(Topman), no school girl outfit is complete without it.

It is a very modern day school girl outfit but that is not what I was thinking about when I first put the outfit together. I wanted to wear biker shorts that day and I wanted my outfit to be dressy but still casual at the same time and BOOM this is what I came up with, a mixture of both.
Definitely one of my favorite outfits i've put together, it's so effortless but looks like I put a lot of     effort into it lol

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