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Hello 2019...

I am super late with this blog post, I always like to have this post up right around New Years but better late than never!

HELLO 2019!

2018 was a good year, ever since I was a little girl i've always traveled, my family and I always took a trip at least once or twice a year, we still do to this day. As I got older I started taking trips with my friends and with my brothers. 2018 was no different, I traveled four times this past year. I first went to Paris again but this time with my little brother and for Paris Fashion week(my first PFW) in February 2018. This was my brothers first time in Paris, when I went in May 2017, I had such a great experience that I wanted him to come back with me to experience the Parisian life. 

My second trip was to Atlanta again, which is like my thousandth time in ATL lol but I always have a different experience. This time, as usual I spent time with my family but  now I have a friend who lives in ATL so I was able to spend some time with her and I went to the Waffle House for the first time. Even though i'm always in the South ha

My third trip was for my birthday, I went to Las Vegas which was my second time in Vegas. The first time I went was when I turned 21, I went with my family which was fun but not the turn up experience you should have in Vegas lol
This time I went with my younger cousin who had just turned 22 and we had an amazing time, we turned up but we also did a lot of daredevil shit!

My last trip of the year was a calm family trip to North Carolina for my brothers family weekend at his college. It was a nice calm trip, a great way to end off the trips for the year.
For 2019 I definitely plan on taking many more trips and having more worth while experiences and traveling to places i've never been before.

Work wise for 2018 my work ethic was still up, I worked, had my job but I also used my degree and started teaching, well substitute teaching which has been an interesting experience. Money wise, I also made more money in 2018 that I haven't made since I started working and had a job. That was an accomplishment, to see more money in my account, I definitely want more of that in 2019. I also plan on saving more in 2019 and not "treating myself" every time I see something I like lol
Styling wise, I felt like my business took a pause, I started of 2018 with three shoots but as the year progressed, it definitely fell off. So, i'm hoping for more shoots and styling clients in 2019(rates and info are now updated on my blog, in the "hire me" tab).
I definitely want to continue growing as a person, growing in my business as well as my YouTube channel and on social media.
CONSISTENCY is my word for 2019, being consistent in every aspect of my life.

Being honest, loving more, being open to change, open to love, not cutting people off without communication, communicating if something is bothering you as well as if something is going good.  Continue complimenting people like I do, shooting your shot with opportunities you know you can kill.
Just making 2019 my bitch, Okayyy! ha

I am wearing a Forever 21 beanie, Zara Turtleneck, and Beyoncé holiday merch set.

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