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NYFW 2018- New York Fashion Week

My favorite time of the year is fashion week. Fashion week is when designers showcase their new collection of the upcoming season. Fashion week comes around twice a year in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles. The designers collection pretty much forecasts the trends of the upcoming season. September fashion week showcases Spring/Summer of the following year and February fashion week showcases Fall/Winter of that same year.
I love fashion week because I like attending shows but I also get to see everyones style as well as network and meet new people who are interested in fashion/style like myself.

This years fashion week was way more chill than usual, I didn't do as much as I usually do because I decided that I can be picky and choosy about the shows I want to attend. And the rest I can give away to others if I chose to. I attended a few shows this season as well as networking events, which were all fun and great for the future of my business and future fashion weeks.

I will attach some photos from the week, as well as click here to see my vlog of the weeks festivities.

Shot by: @Kemsodope

Shot by: @Thejay.R

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