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H&M X Moschino

HandM's newest collab has been announced and a preview has been presented. It is Moschino!
Moschino is a brand that is known for its bright colors and elaborate moments and Jeremy Scott, creative director did his thing. There are some pieces I don't care for but for the most part he created a great line for HandM.
If you don't know, every year HandM has a new collab with a different designer. Past designers include, Alexander Wang, Versace, Balmain and more.
The designers do a curated collab with HandM at a lower price point than their design prices, so its more affordable for everyday consumers.
For this collab prices range from $25-$400. The sizes are unknown as of now but HandM are usually all inclusive for sizing.
I have 8 pieces from the Moschino collab that I am interested in seeing in person and purchasing for myself, I will list them all below with a photo.

If you would like to see all of the HandM X Moschino pieces click here 

First things first, start off with a statement bag, the first thing I thought when I saw this bag was "CONDOM" lol, it literally looks like a black condom. But it is really cute and stylish with the gold accent and the brands name on the front. Price: $129
 The next thing are some socks. I am obsessed with socks at the moment and they just compliment and go with so many outfits. I specifically love statement socks and these are a statement with the Moschino name on them. Something simple and easy to style. Price: $24.99
 This underwear/thong is amazing, it is so cute and chic. This is something I need in my wardrobe with the matching bra that is coming up. I would so wear this as a bathing suit. Price: $24.99 
 Of course you have to have the matching bra, super dope! Definitely something I need.
Price: $34.99
 Ahhh! The puffer skirt bro, I can't. So dope and the yellow is everything! I have to see this in person, once it looks cute in person I have to have it. I just want to feel the material.
Price: $99
 You can't go wrong with a basic tee that has the brands name on it. I think every collab has had a t-shirt with the name on it. Which is cute and simple to style and wear.
Price: $24.99
 Something for my men and women because I sometimes buy mens boxer briefs, they're super comfortable. A 3 set of boxer briefs, really cute and stylish and super affordable.
Price: $34.99
 And last but definitely not least, a beautiful statement piece that I need/want in my collection is this jacket. Ahhh, the material, the colors, the patterns, everything. This jacket is a must have, like I would risk it all for this piece right here.
This jacket is mens.
Price: $399

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