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2018 Paris Fashion Week #ImBack #PFW

I just realized that I have never posted a New York Fashion week blog post, but I am about to do a Paris one...

But I have done many New York Fashion week vlogs/lookbook, check them out-(Click here)

Day one of Paris fashion week was good, my brother & I are both tired because we have crazy jet lag but we've pushed through. This is my brothers first time in Paris so I wanted it to be a great experience for him as it was for my first time last year, (click here) to check out that blog post.

We started off our day at the airport because we had an overnight flight. We then made our way to the hotel, it's a nice hotel, clean with a decent view of the city of Paris(I don't want to disclose the name of the hotel right now, we're still staying here).
We then made our way to a McDonalds which is down the block from where we're staying. The McDonalds in Paris have POTATO WEDGES!!!
We came back to the hotel, took a little nap and then got ready for both of our first Paris fashion week show. I have been attending NYFW since 2013, so it was time for a change and I am glad that I could attend Paris Fashion week this season!
The show was good, you can definitely check out my vlog on my YouTube channel to see all of the footage, I'll let all you Bria's Kloset blog readers know once the video is up!

Of Course we then took some outfit photos, the location of the show was "Palais de Tokyo" which is a nice art gallery/venue space for the event. There were a lot of photo taking opportunities.

We then made our way to the Eiffel Tower which was a few minutes away from the event space, this was my brothers first time seeing it up close.
Tonight was so cold in Paris, we made our way to secluded area to warm up and find a spot for dinner. My brother found a place called "Frame Brasserie", the food was sooo good!

Our day one Paris adventure was a success, now off to bed!

Bonne Nuit...

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Lewk 1 deets:
Shades- Sorella Boutique
Two piece suit- Joe Boxer
Jacket Forever 21
Boots- Dr. Martens
Backpack- Steve Madden
Small pink suitcase- DVF
Larger suitcase- Calpak

-Look one is very chill, airport vibes. My dad joked and said I look like I'm going to fight for Paris lol I went with a monochromatic look and them added some solid black with the boots to give some contrast-

Lewk 2 deets:
Shades- Sorella Boutique
Turtleneck- Uniqlo
Two piece suit- Tommy Hilfiger
Leather jacket- Zara
Bag- Steve Madden
Shoes- Steve Madden-Gucci dupes

-Look two is dressy but chill at the same time. I love menswear for women and this suit was just everything! I added a pop of color, which was necessary for this look and I went on my way-

My Brothers Lewk:
Sweater- Ralph Lauren
Jacket and pants- Yoox
Sneakers- Maison Margiela

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