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No Gender Roles! #StyledbyBriaVanCooten

I am the type of person that shops and dresses based on my mood, I don't care if it's women or men clothes. I shop in every section of a store. I've always been attracted to the item of clothing rather than what "gender" the clothing is targeted towards. People are forced to choose clothing based on what gender they are, when it shouldn't matter. It should matter how you feel wearing an item or based on your personal preference. 
I was excited to work on this project brought to me by a photographer by the name of Pedro because it was based on not conforming to gender roles.
I styled both male models in womenswear and the female model wore a mix of women and menswear, you can't even tell what is what by the styling. 
Everyone should be able to wear what they want and just be happy.

Styled by: Bria Van Cooten
Photographer: Pedro 
Thanks to Exposure showroom and Creative Projects Division for allowing me to pull clothing and shoes.
Visit Saunder Official, Rujuta Sheth and Dr. Martens.

Wearing, a Saunder Official turtle-neck,
Bria's Kloset  DIY  leather jacket,
Alexander McQueen Scarf,
Saunder Official Leather Pants, 
Dr. Martens red oxford shoes.

Model: Clem
Wearing, Forever 21 scarf,
Ralph Lauren button down,
H&M Studio blazer,
Saunder Official pants,
Dr. Martens white sneakers.

Model: Lahni
Wearing, a Rujuta Sheth two piece,
Metro Style tie, 
Dr. Martens metallic oxford shoes.

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