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Little Guyanese-Brooklyn girl made it to Paris

Two weeks ago I went to Paris for a week with my best friend. We have always talked about going to Paris and we finally made it happen. It was just an amazing experience, it was beautiful, minus the dog shit everywhere(which is 90% worse than NYC lol).
Day one started, my flight was at night with British Airways, which was smooth, I had a meal on the plane, I watched Jackie(the movie about Jackie Kennedy, which was really good) and then I went to sleep. The next morning we arrived in London, The plane stopped into London before we headed to Paris. All together my flight was 7 hours and 15 minutes, stopping in London, took it to 9 hours.

Day two, which was our first real day in Paris, we got to our apartment around 4:15pm(Paris time). We then proceeded to take a shower & get dressed because that night we were going on a dinner cruise. Of course our first night in Paris started with an adventure because we missed our original timing and had to get on the later cruise. Nevertheless, we sat & had a good chat. On the cruise, the food was good, we tried some new things & it was good trying something new.
That was also the day we went by the Eiffel Tower, which was such an amazing experience to see that up close & personal.

Day 3 started off late, we planned to get up & be out of the house in the morning but we didn't end up leaving until the afternoon. This afternoon we just literally walked and wandered around Paris & decided to see what we bumped into on our stroll. We first stopped off to get something to eat at a cafe called Le Babylone. The food was sooo good, we had steak & fries and of course a glass of wine. And then we had a crepe for dessert. We then wandered around some more and took pictures, we bumped into a couple museums and an amazing macaron spot. We even went through this beautiful garden, Paris is filled with such beautiful gardens. That night we went back to or apartment, changed clothes and then we headed to the bar. We had a good time and we got drinks bought for us so that was great!

Day 4 we got some brunch at Cafe Florio, which was also really good. The food in Paris was overall really good. We then went into a church that was turned into a museum. It was a beautiful experience.
That night we went to Matignon Paris, which is a club, that night there was a 70's night. We had so much fun!

The next day we went to Disneyland Paris, i've been to Disney in Florida, so I wanted to see the differences & similarities of Disney is Paris. It was a great chill day & the show at night was the best part.

The next day we visited the Palace of Versailles, it was such a beautiful experience. Everything was so beautiful, I was grateful for that day. We were the best dressed that day. That night we went to Vin et Maree, the food was amazing! Probably the best restaurant we went to during that week. It was such an authentic French experience.

The next day we went to the Eiffel Tower up close, it is surreal being up close and personal with the Eiffel. Then we had a picnic in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was real chill and relaxing, food and a good convo. Later that night we went to the Moulin Rouge, which was such a great show! We couldn't take any photos or videos but it was fun. After that we randomly ended up in a club that was right next to the Moulin Rouge, which was fun as well.

Then it was Friday, my last full day in Paris. That day we started our day really late. We first went to the Louvre, which was beautiful. The architecture in Paris is just amazing! We then went to KFC, it is a different experience in Paris, the food was good and I had a caramel dessert that we don't get in New York. After KFC we went to a happy hour spot and got some drinks and then we went to another club, which was another fun night!

The next day, we woke up, got some breakfast at a cafe that was around the block from our apartment, the food was alright, the eggs were a little soggy lol then I headed to the airport.

Overall, my Paris trip was amazing, I had a great time! Paris is beautiful. The two cons, there was dog do-do all over, I thought NYC was bad but it was worse in Paris, and people smoke everywhere and anywhere in Paris, again I thought New York was bad but it was worse in Paris. Other than those two things my trip was amazing and I will be back soon.

Also make sure you head over to my YouTube channel & watch my Paris vlog.
Click here to watch my vlog.

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