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Happy Valentines Day

As the calendar states, today is Valentine's Day, the holiday where people want to find someone just to have someone on that day or the holiday where it's time to break up because you don't want to buy a gift lol. This Valentine's Day I spent my day attending New York Fashion Week shows, which is one of the loves of my life(FASHION), so I did spend it with what I love lol. I also recorded a Lookbook with my friend Dwight, I want to do a Valentine's Day creation & that is what I did.
Thank you to Dr. Martens and Claire's for sending over pieces for me to feature in my video and everyone always remember you should show love to your loved ones everyday...

Happy Valentine's Day!

See images below & check out my Lookbook on my YouTube channel.

Items below:

Red Flower Cat Ears Headband 

Retail Price: $7.99 
US Retailer: Icing 
Online Retailer: 

6 Pack Candy Heart Stud Earrings 

Retail Price: $12.99 
US Retailer: Claire's 
Online Retailer: 

Gold Metallic Earbuds 

Retail Price: $12.99 
US Retailer: Icing 
Online retailer: 

Too Cute To Care iPhone 7 Case 

Retail Price: $19.99 
US Retailer: Icing 

Online Retailer:

Dr. Martens 1460 smooth

Dr. Martens Bentley II Heart

Dr. Martens Heart Leather Satchel

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