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Denim & Diamonds #StyledbyBriaVanCooten x #StyledbyArmannd

Myself & my stylist friend Chris have been plotting and scheming on a collaboration for a while now, we finally had our collaborative moment last month & now I am here to share some photos with you all.
We came up with the denim & diamonds concept months ago, we just had to sit down and plan everything out. We first decided on the models, we knew who we wanted. Then we had to decide how many looks we wanted to incorporate in the shoot. Lastly, we found the photographer, that was easy because I had the perfect photographer in mind. 
Myself & Chris put together looks we wanted to create, and we had a fitting at the Showroom where we picked some pieces. 
We knew we wanted to incorporate denim & diamonds but we had to add a twist to make the concept a little more intricate. Both of us love fur, so that is what we added. The fur made the shoot come alive even more. We also added some great pieces from "Creative Project Division" showroom, such as a bomber jacket & more. Those pieces gave our shoot the look we wanted.
The shoot went amazing, we all did our job and the outcome showed our vision.

Photographer: Stephen Mihalchik
M.U.A: Bebe
Models: Adale, Aileen, Devontae(DIY Braids)

Outfit deets:
Bomber jacket: Saunder
Denim bralette & Underwear: The Bellina Jewel
Denim culottes: Forever 21
Diamond choker: Necessary Clothing
Fur top: DIY
Dark blue culottes: Chikimiki
Blue fur: Saunder 
Sneakers: Buscemi
Pink heels: Necessary Clothing
Denim Shirt: Gap
Denim jeans: Primark

Outfit deets:
Denim vest/Choker: Levi's DIY
Biker shorts: DIY
Perspex Boots: Necessary Clothing
Longline top: Chikimiki
Coat: Ralph Lauren
Over the knee boots: Forever 21 DIY
Overalls: Tommy Hilfiger
Sweater: H&M
Bomber Jacket: Forever 21
Sneakers Jordans

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