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About a month ago I was approached via email by Morganne Bent, marketing coordinator at Studio 15 to do my first brand collaboration. This was an exciting moment in my life. Also exciting to know that Studio 15 specifically liked by Got Fur? Winter look. Which is personally my favorite blog post and lookbook on my YouTube channel.

Enough about me...
Studio 15 is a women's online store and fashion & lifestyle blog. Their online store offers the desired on trend pieces to any fashionista on a budget. One of my favorite pieces that I've seen is a white two piece that is a look-alike to a BCBG look that is $448 but, you can get it at Studio 15 for $70.
If you have been watching Bria's Kloset on YouTube then you know I love me a good two-piece outfit.

If you have been reading my blog and watching my YouTube videos then you know that I love white clothing. The second piece that I was drawn to from Studio 15 was a beautiful, white, flowing, backless, plunging neckline, crochet maxi dress. This dress is $60.

On their store now, prices range from $20-$70, very affordable and on trend pieces. I was happy to collab with Studio 15 because of their versatility of clothing, every girl has their own personal style. My style is very high-low, I like to mix high end brands with low end brands to complete an outfit. Studio 15 is not trying to break your bank, which I appreciate. Some people get "fashion" mixed up with "style". Just because you're wearing a $500 shirt doesn't mean you have "style". It's all about the pieces you have and how you put them together. 

The Studio 15 blog is similar to mine, we both share red carpet looks from award shows. As well as beauty and fashion trends and much more. Aside from giving back to their customers, they also work with Kleos Microfinance Group. Working with this group helps to send funds to Ugandan female entrepreneurs who are starting their own business. Proceeds from each sale on Studio 15 are donated. So, I advise you ladies to get some shopping done. Spring is coming in 9 days.

Thank you Morganne for this opportunity. I wish Studio 15 nothing but success.

Check out their blog:

(Photos taken from Studio 15's Instagram)

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