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88th Academy Awards(The Oscars) fashion review| #BriasKloset

I decided to switch up my fashion review this time around. I want to put everything into categories.
So, I will make up 10 categories right now, on the spot and give ten celebrities the just made up Bria's Kloset award.

Best Dressed(Woman): Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

My best dressed by far would have to go to my boo Stefani. She went back to her platinum blonde hair for this all white ensemble. She looked so beautiful and had such an amazing performance.
If anyone knows me, they know I love a good all white look and this was that. Her body looked amazing, face was beautiful, waist was snatched and her hair was awesome.
Needless to say her & her fiancé Taylor Kinney look so amazing together. *Heart eyes emoji*

Best Dressed(Man): Eddie Redmayne Alexander McQueen

I think Eddie is so cute. Whenever he pops up on my screen I say "hey bae" lol
He looked equally as cute last night, his suit looked amazing and fit him perfectly.
Even though he didn't win the Oscar for the second year in a row, he won best dressed for the men in my eyes. *heart eyes emoji*

Worst Dressed(Woman): Heidi Klum in Marchesa

Heidi always disappoints me in the dress department. Let's start off by saying Heidi is a supermodel. Let's say that again, SUPERmodel and one more time... SUPERMODEL!
This being said three times, in my eyes she should always look good. For the past couple of years Heidi's red carpet looks have been a mess. Last night's look even had her compared to a lilac bath sponge. I thought the color was amazing but the dress design was not cutting it and did not flatter Heidi at all. The poses were off as well. I think she needs to go on a season of America's Next Top Model after last night lol

Worst Dressed(Man): Jared Leto in Gucci

Jared Leto always surprises me with the looks he goes for. Last night was not a good surprise. I don't want to offend anyone with what I am thinking to write so i'll just leave it in my mind.
Let's just say,  I wasn't feeling Jared last night. The cut of the suit was wrong. The pants did not fit him right. I also hated the flower in place of where a tie should be. He simply looked like he was going to his prom and he would not have won best dressed at that either.

Best Makeup: Reese Witherspoon

I hated Reese's dress last night but her makeup was so on point. She looked so beautiful. *multiple heart eyes emoji's*

Makeup by: Molly R. Stern

Man of the night: Chris Rock in custom Burberry

You all probably thought I was going to choose Leonardo DiCaprio but no, I had to give "man of the night" to the host of the night. Chris did such an amazing hosting job. He was so funny and did an amazing job at not only throwing shots at one group of people, he came for everyone. Even throwing shots at Will and Jada at some points in the show.

Best After Party: Kerry Washington in Versace

Let's start off by saying I hated Kerry Washington's Oscar look. So, when I woke up this morning and saw her after party look I was so happy that she finally had a win for me. Not that she has never had a win for me but it has been a while since i've said anything nice about Kerry's red carpet look.
My friend Denise even joked on my Instagram post that she probably saw one of my YouTube fashion review videos and decided to get it together lol
Whatever she did, she definitely made it on one of my best dressed lists and i'm happy because Kerry is too beautiful to not look good. *heart eyes emoji*

Best in Dior: Charlize Theron

We all know Charlize is a Dior beauty as well as Jennifer Lawrence but Jenn didn't do it for me this time. So, I had to give it to Charlize. It was such a simple look but so beautiful, elegant and that back and plunging neckline... LAWD! She looks amazing in red.

Best Mean Girl: Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier

Well, we all know this category was a giveaway because the only "Mean Girl" acting or doing anything right now is Rachel McAdams lol
No shade to Lindsay cause that's my boo but i'm being honest.
Rachel looked so good in this emerald green ensemble. Another simple look but so beautiful, elegant and another great back. She was also giving me the Angelina Jolie/Toni Braxton leg.
I loved it!

Most missed: Angelina Jolie-Pitt

The last category of the day, the most missed person on the carpet for me has to go to Angelina Jolie.
This award season she has been M.I.A and I missed her so much. Brad made it to the Golden Globes but she wasn't there with him. Angelina gives me so much life. Whether it be with her ensemble, that leg or her face, she knows how to  work them all. And she was definitely missed. I hope she's cooking up something new for me in this new year. I am here for a new Angelina movie, whatever it is.

Photos taken from Google.

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