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2016 Grammy Awards Fashion Review| #BriasKloset

I am here to countdown my top 10 looks of the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. I will be counting down my worst(10) to my best(1)...

10. Stevie Wonder- There is no doubt that Stevie is an amazing performer and his performance last night with Pentatonix was great but I don't know who styles him. It is not his fault because obviously he can't see but I wish he could so he can tell them NO! The army fatigue is tacky & the sneakers are just a NO!

9. Zendaya in DSquared- I really was not feeling Zendaya's looks last night. I understand that she was paying homage to David Bowie but the look wasn't right for her, especially the hair. The suit wasn't horrible but the hair made the look worst for me.
I love Zendaya but it was another fail for me. She needs to give Billy Ray Cyrus his hair back.

8. Sam Hunt in Dolce & Gabbana- I think Sam Hunt is a handsome man, I loved that he took a risk & wore a salmon suit, it's a great color on him & I also loved the white shirt underneath but I really wish he posed better. You can look amazing & the way you pose could really throw an outfit off.
He definitely should practice his poses, dust himself off & try again next year.

7. Selena Gomez in Calvin Klein- I love Selena, she is one of my fave Disney Channel people. This look was not my favorite & it wasn't the best for her body but it is the best she has looked in so long. I rarely say anything nice about Selena's red carpet looks so this is saying a lot. I also really liked the color of the dress & the sequin. Wasn't really feeling the hair & she definitely put on some weight. I hope she's not stress eating over Justin cause she can definitely find another.

From @Queron__ (two underscores) on Instagram: "Sis, Selena had to be my worst 😪. The dress didn't compliment her body type, and the cut outs looked really cheap. The dress looked cheaply made. I just think next time she should go stringless. Strings and cut outs aren't for home girl. 😪😂 #noshade"

6. Wiz Khalifa in Thom Browne- If you watch my YouTube videos then you all know that I have a secret crush on Wiz Khalifa lol & he looked like a sexy matador. I thought he looked great. It was a nice fashion statement, not a lot of people can pull this look off. He's probably the only guy celebrity that can pull a look like this off.
5. Adele in Givenchy- A lot of people were making fun of Adele's Grammy look because it was similar to her 2012 Grammy look but there was obviously a difference. Adele was giving me Abigail Williams from The Crucible lol. On a serious note, I thought she looked great, hair was laid, waist was snatched & she's ready to take home all of the Grammy's next year.

4. Kendrick Lamar & his Fiancè Whitney- I wasn't really feeling Whitney's look 100% but Kendrick was very simple & put together. I loved the all black & the glasses. Kendrick had the best performance of the night & I was so happy that he took home 5 out of 11 Grammy's.

3. Lady Gaga in custom Marc Jacobs- Stefani looked amazing!!! She embodied David Bowie perfectly. I loved everything about it. Her red carpet look & her performance looks were perfect. They chose the best person to tribute Mr. Bowie. I wish I could see the look on Iman's face during the tribute for her husband.
Sidebar: Those red platforms were beautiful!

2. The Weekend & Bella Hadid in Alexander Vauthier Paris- They looked so sexy! Best dressed couple of the night. They compliment each other perfectly. I really am digging them together. Bella looked better than most of the women up for an award, that plunging neckline was beautiful. I'm gaga over them lol *emoji heart eyes*

1. Taylor Swift in Atelier Versace- My best dressed without a doubt has to go to Taylor. She looked so amazing, the best she has ever looked at an award show. I loved the two piece with the train. I loved the colors. I loved the Anna Wintour bob & that orange-red lip was life. She had the perfect amount of jewelry & the strappy heels were great. It looked like something I styled myself. I'm so happy she wore something like this & I hope she keeps it up. I am slowly becoming a "Swifty" lol


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