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Got Fur?

This marks my first blog post of 2016.

I had an idea of an outfit for a while. Today I finally put that outfit to the test. In my mind I first put this outfit together with a white crop top but after looking through my clothes I decided to pair it with a bantu top because of the type of pants I wanted to wear. The top is from the H&M x Alexander Wang collaboration. I paired that with some black culottes from Forever 21, the black on black combination was perfect. 

In my mind I had some boots that I really wanted to get but they unfortunately sold out. The boots were definitely not missed because my replica creeper like shoes from Forever 21 went great with this look. Of course I had to throw over a coat and what better coat to put on than a fur coat, which I got from H&M. The one simple thing that brought it all together was my gold chain with my name printed on it. This chain makes me feel very Carrie Bradshaw & if you know me, you know I call myself Carrie Bradshaw & you know how much I love Sex & the City! 
Overall, my look came together and I was very happy with the outcome.
Stayed tuned to Bria's Kloset & you will see a lookbook video coming soon to my YouTube channel.

Photos taken by Wendi, Edited by Bria Van Cooten.

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