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Women's 2015 Winter Trends

Women's 2015 Winter Trends

Winter is upon us! December 22nd to be exact, marks the first day of winter 2015. I wanted to come early with my winter trends blog post, so you all can have some time to shop. This is what I think the winter trends are & no reflection on any magazines or other blogs.

*First up, we have a fur stole. This has been my favorite trend since last winter. They are so cute & chic, and they add a flare to any outfit. I have four of them and you will definitely see me rocking them this winter again. I will probably add some more to my wardrobe.

*Second, is  a coat of course. Every woman needs a chic coat in their wardrobe. It gives a "I have arrived" sort of feeling lol. Who doesn't like to be a little dramatic? sometimes.

*The next trend can transition from Fall trend to Winter trend and it is a bomber jacket. I love bomber jackets. I didn't want to get down with the trend at first but they are too cute to pass up. I have two of them now & I do want at least one more to add to my wardrobe.

*Sweaters are an essential piece that you should have in your wardrobe. Any color, style, texture, material, whatever floats your boat. Whether it is oversized of regular sized, it is a good addition to an outfit.

*Last but not least, we have to give it up for suede. Suede has made an encore into the fashion world again. It is such an amazing material and a great staple piece to have in your closet.

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