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Top 5 2015 Fashion Trends

Top 5 2015 Fashion Trends

Now that 2015 is almost over, I wanted to list my top 5 fashion trends of 2015.
Comment below & let me know what your favorite trends were...

5. We will start off my favorite trends with every one's favorite bomber jacket. I didn't want to get into this trend but I did. I actually bought myself two bomber jackets, a long olive green one with orange inside and a short black one. I love bomber jackets because they're so easy to put on and you can throw them over any outfit.

4.  A piece everyone should have in their closet or on their garment rack is a leather jacket, especially a black one. Men or women, boys or girls, kids, babies lol everyone should have a leather jacket. Like the bomber jacket, yo can throw it over any outfit and make it look like you put some thought into your look. I love leather jackets, I have about 8 leather jackets in different colors and different styles. I love them all!

3. If you know me, you know I always have on a fedora. It is one of my favorite, if not my favorite accessory to wear. Fedoras go with so many looks and they're so versatile. I want every single color and I won't stop buying them until I have every color.

2. One thing from 2015 that I am definitely taking into 2016 are over sized tees. I freaking love over sized tees. My secret is to go into H&M's men section and get their long fit tees in a medium size. When you first wear it, for the ladies you can wear it as a dress and then throw a bomber or leather jacket over it. You can also wear it as tee. Also when you wash it, it won't shrink so fast because it is a bigger size in men.

1. My favorite trend of 2015 would definitely have to go to Chelsea boots. I think I wore my Chelsea boots the most this year. They pretty much went with so many of my outfits and they added a bit of an edge to my looks. I will definitely get me a new pair soon and this trend will def travel in my 2016 travel bag.

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