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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Men's 2015 Winter Trends

Men's 2015 Winter Trends

Winter is upon us! December 22nd to be exact, marks the first day of winter 2015. I wanted to come early with my winter trends blog post, so you all can have some time to shop. This is what I think the winter trends are & no reflection on any magazines or other blogs.

*First up, we have knit sweaters. They are so warm & looks good on any type of guy. You can pair them with some pants or denim, it's a great staple piece for a guy's closet.

*A utility jacket has been in style for a while now and it isn't going anywhere. With more and more colors and more designs, if they keep on reinventing themselves, they will be here for a long time to come.

*Another staple piece that has been here for a while are Chelsea boots. Chelsea Boots are so attractive on a guy if the outfit is right. I just love how they make a guy look. They're so chic and they're unisex. Both men and women can rock a good pair of Chelsea boots.

*Similar to my women's post, the bomber jacket is a trend that has gone from Fall to Winter.

*Last but not least are some sneakers. I know guys love their sneakers & will always be a trend for years to come. I just used Jordan's as an example but whatever sneakers float your boat are up to you.

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