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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving!
If you did not know, I work at Forever 21. On Tuesday when I was at work, there was a sale going on being that Black Friday was approaching. I was also looking for an outfit for Thanksgiving. I saw this poncho and I had to have it.

It was on sale for $10. After my shift was over I walked over to the section with the poncho's and I saw this tan/khaki ribbed skirt, I knew it would go with the poncho perfectly. The skirt was on sale for $7. I knew I had a white shirt from Oldnavy that I could wear with the outfit but when I got home and tried on the look, I really wasn't feeling it because the shirt was too long. So, I tried this grey crop top I bought a couple months ago, also from Forever 21. 
I loved how the crop looked with the skirt so it was perfect! I then paired the outfit with an olive green fedora, from F21 and some tan strappy heels from Guess. This outfit is a perfect combination of Thanksgiving colors. I felt the SLAY all day!
If you live in the NYC area head over to the Forever 21 on 14th street to get you this poncho and skirt.

Photos taken by Matthew Van Cooten. Edited by Bria Van Cooten.


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