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Aaron Fagama

Last night at work(we both work at Forever21), I met this dope guy named Aaron. He was literally dressed like the guy version of me. His outfit was so dope! He is a Rihanna fan and loves her style as much as I do.

Sidebar: Rihanna's style is AMAZING!
Our views on style vs. fashion were very similar. We also agree that when we put our outfits together, we just wake up and do it, there is no secret behind it, we just go with how we are feeling that day. I also love that he DIY'd his pants, he just felt like cutting it and he did.
I love risk takers and trendsetters, so I had to have Aaron on Bria's Kloset to show you all, my viewers.

Aaron's Info:
Jacket: Custom
Windbreaker: Adidas
Oversized Tee: Champion
Pants: Custom 
Boots: Dr. Martens

Photos taken & edited by Bria Van Cooten.

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