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This past Saturday was BeautyCon in New York City. There are different BeautyCon cities, LA, Dallas & many more. This was my first time attending BeautyCon and it was such a great experience. I first heard about BeautyCon a couple months ago when some of my fave YouTubers went to BeautyCon Dallas. When I saw them, I said to myself "I have to see if there is a NYC event". 

To my relief there was. As soon as the tickets were released myself & my friend Jade purchased our tickets. The day finally came, October 17th and it was time to attend BeautyCon. 
If you don't know what BeautyCon is, it is an event for YouTubers, Bloggers, Celebrities, fans, followers, subscribers, anyone who can buy a ticket can attend lol. You will mostly find your favorite YouTubers in attendance. 

At the event there are different makeup & beauty product vendors beating your face, showing off their products, some giving free samples, as well as selling their products. I had such an amazing time at BeautyCon, I literally met everyone I wanted to meet who I knew were going to be there that day. Everyone was so dope and nice, it was just great vibes. I definitely can't wait until next year's BeautyCon.

All of my fave YouTubers looked amaze!
Lakia Star- I really wanted to take her trench bomber lol(btw it's from H&M)


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