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So I was in H&M last Wednesday, I went to the men section...
Sidebar: Ladies you should always check the men section when shopping, you will find some pretty cool things you can wear. Alright back to my story...
I saw this tee in the men's section for $1, yes I said ONE DOLLAR! lol
The original price was $14.99 and it was on the sale rack for $1. 

I wanted to buy it for the price alone. Then I thought "Bria, you can wear it as a dress". So, I picked it up to buy it. The line was so long that I had to put it back down.
This past Monday I happened to be in Soho again so I had to stop by H&M again to see if it was still there, it was & I bought it. I immediately had my outfit idea in mind & it all came together.

I felt very Rihanna today & the words on the tee was so Rih.
I found a link if you're interested in buying it on eBay so check it out!

Photos taken by Matthew Van Cooten. Edited by Bria Van Cooten.

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