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Fall 2015 Trends. #WomenEdition

Fall 2015 Trends

September 23rd marks the first day of Fall. Below are my trends for Fall 2015 for women. I usually talk about my trends on my YouTube channel but why not make a blog post about it since I have a blog now. Hope you all enjoy!

*Fringe adds a fun flare to your look. And if it's leather & flare or suede and flare, you're having a party on your body!

*Flared pants are back in so get you a pair. Make sure you wear something tight on top. It is the perfect contrast for the look you should be going for. Preferably a crop top and the flare pants should be high waisted.

*Lace has always been something I love. It adds a sexy look to your outfit. This season it's no different. Lace is still in style.

*Who doesn't love a little sequin? I know I do. #Disco

*Faux fur is life! Faux fur vests, jackets, collars, fur never goes out of style!

*Every girl loves to wear a nice burgundy lip during fall/winter. This Fall is no different. Head over to MAC & find your perfect shade.

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