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Fall 2015 Trends. #MenEdition

Fall 2015 Trends #Men

With the help of my brother, I came up with some Fall trends for the men. I don't want my blog to only be focused on the women, so men I got you!

If you did not know, Fall started on September 23rd, if you haven't checked out my women's edition for Fall 2015 trends, make sure you scroll down a little. Hope you all enjoy!

*A leather jacket should always be essential in your wardrobe, it adds a pop to a simple look.

*Yes, Blistex, lol just like women keep their lips poppin' with a cute lipstick. Men should also keep their lips nice and moisturized.

*A bomber jacket is a huge trend for this season for both men & women. A bomber jacket gives a guy a cool, chic look. I love seeing guys in a nice bomber jacket. Keeps your look chill & sleek at the same time.

*My brother has a pair of working boots, I love every outfit he pairs with them. My brother says he likes them because they make you taller, they look nice and he likes the shape of them.

*Olive green is such a beautiful color. It's so minimalist and I love it. A guy in a nice pair of olive green pants with some tanish/brown working boots and a nice cream sweater is such a great look. I think olive green will be the new black for me this season.

*And last but not least I think every guy should have a pair of trainers in their closet. Even if you're not running or at the gym, you can create a nice, chill outfit. Almost every sneaker brand has a trainer for you so go get you a pair! I agree with my brother when he says, "they're comfortable."

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