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Beyoncé x Flash Tattoos

I decided to delete all of my previous posts and start all over to give my blogging life a fresh start. So, of course my first blog post would be about Beyoncé lol. Everyone knows how much I love her, but this post is not about how much I love her. It is about Beyoncé's collaboration with Flash Tattoos. Earlier in the year Beyoncé was photographed wearing metallic tattoos both from paparazzi images and her own personal pictures on her Tumblr account. Which shows that she was and is a fan of the trend, so much of a fan that she had to create her own collection.

Flash Tattoos is a company that sells metallic tattoos in many different styles.
Beyoncé’s collaboration features 57 tattoos that costs $28. The designs feature some of her popular lyrics including, “Flawless” and “Naughty Girl”. As well as Beyhive symbols and much more.

I definitely will be purchasing my pack even though I have a pack of metallic tattoos I bought since December 2014 and never used it. I actually found a pack at a 7-Eleven in Manhattan. But, like the old saying does... "the more, the merrier". And it's Beyoncé so DUH!

(See photos and the link to the Flash Tattoos website to purchase below)

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